Never take a rainbow for granted

rainbow on streetA little piece of magic on a rainy day, that’s a rainbow. The upturned smile of colours arcing across the sky, joining darkness and light, steel grey cloud to sun; light refracting, splitting and settling overhead in a translucent promise of something better, unreachable, untouchable, but with the power to elicit a lifting of the heart. But think about rainbows. They aren’t just in the sky. They glimmer from the surface of bubbles, they surprise from oil slicked puddles in the street. They catch you unawares as they slip off the corners of mirrors, and appear in unexpected corners through tricks of light and glass. Explain them with science if you like. I prefer to think that they’re a gateway, a glimpse into the magical and supposedly impossible realms that are beyond our world and our understanding.


2 thoughts on “Never take a rainbow for granted

  1. Tracey West Post author

    Hi Izzy,

    Lovely words for those enigmatic bolts of energy that are rainbows! Now I have magic in the mix…I’ll never look at them the same again!

    T x

  2. Simon

    How true, I always feel that it is important to find something beautiful each and every day, and rainbows are up there with music as soul-feeding beauty. Thanks for reminding us.
    Simon x.


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