Here’s a poem. Just in case you’ve not come across hag stones before, they’re stones with naturally worn holes through them . It is said that if you look through the hole, you can see faeries and the world of the fey.

To see the world with faery sight

The mirrored streams and crystal skies

Lift your hag stone to your eye

Look through it and believe.

This wood’s a labyrinth of ancient trees

winding thorny vine

With twisted limbs and time gnarled hands

That grasp and shake like dearest friends

And shade the velvet floor

As ivy winds and courses up

To drip green gems from higher boughs

Sends shards of light like softest silk

To render edges black blade sharp

The sun falls through the sylvan net

twistiing thorny vine

And calls the starlings home to roost

The edges blur, long shadows ink

Their runes upon the trunks

The moon begins her silent flight

Across a star encrusted field

And calls forth from the underglow

All forms of beings dark and light

Dryads slip through cracks in bark

twistiing thorny vine

An owl swoops low on ghost like wing

Naiad, hedgehog, oakman, hare

Come to greet the Summer King

Old spirits rise from stone and soil

They dance a heartbeat through the earth

They sing the water and the sky

And plant their feet on old, old paths

twistiing thorny vine

As spiders spin their silver charms

To catch the jewels of the dawn

Like early mist the visions drift

And disappear down hidden lanes

And yet they leave a resonance,

A thrum in soft, green scented air

So lift your hag stone to your eye

You may yet see them there.


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