Writer’s block.

Blank paperWe all get it sometimes. That panic when everything we try to write turns out wrong, dull, clichéd, not how we wanted it to sound, that horrible feeling of paralysis when faced with a blank page, the nightmare when we know what we need to write but we just can’t do it. The words skitter away like ants, the pen is frozen. It’s frustrating. It’s demoralising. It makes you want to tear your hair out, or drown your sorrows in wine. Or chocolate. Or both. So one day I decided to turn the foe into a friend and this is what I came up with.

I stare
The paper stares back
Blank, white, merciless.
It says ‘You
Are uninspired, unworthy,
I try harder, twitch the pencil,
Stop mid air.
The paper laughs
‘You still think you can?’ it taunts.
‘Go on. Dare you.’


2 thoughts on “Writer’s block.

  1. Anne Maloney

    Brilliant! And so true. It made me laugh though and that giggle turning into lots of lol is a wonderful weapon against the deadly horror of it.
    More seriously, I find that reading something I’ve already written (better if written some time ago), rouses the sluggish inspiration and gets you going again.

    1. izzyrobertson Post author

      Thanks Anne, glad it made you hoot! It’s amazing what you can find in old notebooks sometimes, isn’t it? Those odd bits you’ve forgotten that are worth dusting off and having another go with.


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